Your Audit and Healthcare Consulting Solution

We are geared to serving the interests of health insurance companies, third party administrators, employer “self funded” plans, hospital business offices, medical practices, reinsurance carriers and the legal profession.

With extensive experience in …

  • Auditing
  • Hospital Business Office Management
  • Medical Practice Management
  • Insurance Claims Adjudication and
  • Referral Service Management


… we at IMAS  possess the skill set necessary to help you meet and exceed your goals and objectives in these arenas.In an attempt to satisfy our clients’ needs for geographically diverse service areas, IMAS continues to build a network of medical professionals throughout the U.S.

This network will allow IMAS to provide service in the areas necessary and reduce the amount of travel related expense whenever possible.

Our Mission – Your Partner in the Process

IMAS is committed to serving the medical cost control interests of our partners by providing fair and equitable medical audit, proactive case management oversight, and results-oriented consulting services.

Our focus is on efficiencies and effectiveness of process, attention to detail, service delivered with compassion, understanding and respect, and the utmost honesty and integrity.

Our commitment to the overall success and satisfaction of our “partners” is only paralleled by our promise to balance service and cost control – for them, their insureds, or clients.

We look forward to working with you to exceed your expectations in the medical cost control arena.

You can reach any of the senior managers of the company via e-mail by clicking on the  ✉ on the biography page.  You may also reach us by telephone at (305) 386-2086 or facsimile at (305) 386-2084.

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